A Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory clan
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Doubtful strategies
  • Enter the Fuel Dump fortress by hopping on the "phone booth". Result: it doesn't work! Comments of the author (Richard): "HAHA Ça marche chu sûr c'est vous autres qui n'etes pas assez bons!"
  • Finish Oasis in 2 minutes by using a covert ops and an engineer: go through the door (without the axis noticing, of course). Verdict: it works! (must be lucky). Comments of the author (Redge): "Ça va marcher."
Links Good servers What does that mean anyway? Besides the obvious one, many (any?) things:
  • "Losers Versus Sucking Newbies" --Redge
  • "Le Vieux Singe Nordique" --Richard
  • "La Valeur Symétrique Normale" --Ciarlet
  • "Léon Vas Sav Noël" --Dr. Palindrome
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